I meet you were you are, customizing each session, in order we may work together to promote your personal growth and wholeness


ocean tantra

goddess ocean~~~ WELCOME ~~~

I am Ocean

sensual artist
sexual energy healer
tantra yoga educator

If you are looking for ...

authentic tantra training
nurturing body touch
intimacy growth
help with sexuality
mind-body connection
sensual bliss

... you are in the right place!


I show up in full awareness
physically and emotionally present
adept in deep intimacy
to support your wellness

After graduating from Stanford University, with a degree in Philosophy and Religion,
I embarked in over 20 years studies and practice in spirituality, higher consciousness, ecstasy and pleasure.
I am in my 40's but look in my 30's, curvey, down to earth and sexy ...

I have been told my touch is healing ...
naturally, I draw people into a state of "deep relaxed pleasure" ...
It is an honor to share my gift with you.



I meet individuals and couples in private session. I customize each session, to you.
I meet you were you are, crafting our time together, to promote your personal growth and wholeness.

Sessions include ...

Tantra: practice, education, experience, atunement, healing,
Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Energy Work, Kama Sutra Studies,
Yoga Play, Ecstatic Movement, Higher Consciousness, Bliss
Intimacy Explorations, Coaching, Wholistic Sexuality, Sacred Relationship,
Undressing, Bathing, Hands on Healing, Nurturing Touch, Hugs, Foot Rubs,
Ocean Yoga Play and Joy !

I help people expand pleasure, fix their mojo, mend heartache, experience and cultivate bliss, master lovemaking,
learn to last longer, harder, have deeper fuller orgasms, attract or connect more with your partners, become confident.

I also enjoy teaching metaphysics, ancient wisdom, law of attraction and sacred sexuality secrets.



ocean between trees


Based In Asheville, NC
in my Lovely Downtown Private Temple
my schedule is flexible ...

Monthly In Raleigh, NC
Next Visit in March

I also travel thru :
The Carolinas and North East

Video and Skype Sessions available most times

I like to schedule ahead, a few days or weeks.

contact at bottom of page



~~~ MENU ~~~

- guidance with your clothes on

may include ... hugs, movement, meditation, snacks ...
great for first meetings, introductions, private yoga, performance coaching

in person :
90 minutes for 240
120 minutes for 300

half day hang out :
3-4 hours for 500

phone or video call :
15 minutes for 40
45 minutes for 90
90 minutes for 160


- hands on body healing

may include ... cuddly, cozy, healing, intimate, tantric, sensual, yummy
available to established students who have shared a counciling session with me, and feel comfortable

in person
90 minutes for 400
120 minutes for 500

half day immersion
3-4 hours for 900


COUPLES, CLASSES, CONFERENCES - educational entertaining enlightening
I love to teach groups and expand ecstatic consciousness
please inquire directly, contact me below with more details please

TRAVEL is usually at the expense of the client.
I visit places and schedule up to a month ahead.



Monetary Donations are for our time together only.
I am NOT an escort. I do NOT provide sexual services.

I am an ordained minister and certified yoga instructor.
My offerings are for educational and health purposes only.
My hands on healing work is safe, legal and divine.
It is my honor to serve your well being.



ocean on the rocks~~~ TESTIMONIALS ~~~

Ocean, You were right, the peace lasted all day.
Thank you for providing exactly what I needed.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience.
I truly enjoyed and appreciate your healing gifts and your sincere caring.
I stand amazed at you and the experience, one that I will not soon forget!
You are a beautiful person, inside and out.

Dear Ocean, I left your temple just over five hours ago and I was fueled all the way by your gifts. Thank you for: your touch, your caring questions and comments about my world/life, trusting me, enjoying, your playful excitement, welcoming me, re-teaching me to breathe, and on and on...
I am looking forward to our next time together.
P ~

The sacred spot massage really helped the BPH I've struggled with.
I was able to sleep through the night without getting up to urinate.
The session was therapeutic and sensual; what a great combination!
Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Good Morning: I still feel the ENERGY...
amazing, amazing, amazing....
Thanks for a great session....
looking forward to the next one....

That time was elegant.
You calmed my soul and stretched my vision.
Thanks for your kindness.

Your presence is oh so divine
Your essence so very special
You've created a space for me
That I will only call mine



ocean peace goddess



~~~ CONTACT ~~~

its the best way to get in touch with me ...


Please offer 3-5 sentences introducing yourself, and your interest ...
Also, the city where you want to meet is, clearly, important.
Leave your phone number for me to call you, especially if you want to book short notice.



Also, Please Visit my Private Members Site...
Honest, Informative, Insightful, Educational, Articles, and more Pictures!

Sacred Sexuality, Sensual Healing, Wellness, and Tantra



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